Saturday, 31 August 2013

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 9

Todays craft was something I had been looking forward to for ages and I knew Lara would love it too. I found a video tutorial for 'Popcorn Tie Dye' on (via Pinterest) and I bought some dye and a white T-shirt.

Lara started by pinching small balls of the t-shirt fabric and securing them with elastic bands.....

Lots of elastic bands! The t-shirt ended up looking very bubbly like this. This is where the name popcorn technique gets it's name

We then took the t-shirt outside for the messy bit. We put the t-shirt into a bucket of Ocean Blue Dylon hand wash dye.

Lara stirred the t-shirt in the dye for 15 minutes and then we left it for a further 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the 45 minutes were up the t-shirt was removed and it was a gorgeous blue colour. I have to admit we were a little nervous at this stage because until the elastic bands were removed we wouldn't know if the tie dye had worked. We hoped we wouldn't end up with a plain blue t-shirt.

Before removing the elastic bands the t-shirt was rinsed in cold water until the water ran clear.

When the elastic bands were removed we were thrilled to see that the circular shapes were clearly there. Hooray !

And here's the finished t-shirt after it had dried and been ironed. Lara loves it!


Alison said...

Wow - that's very cool! Equally fabulous activity for boys too - I can do this in a couple of years and they can choose their own colours! Wonderful inspiration, Karen. x

Linda said...

Brilliant, it looks fabulous x