Saturday, 31 August 2013

Summer Holiday Craft - Day 7

Today Lara and I both made Glass Pendant Necklaces from an idea on the sabbyinsuburbia blog originally found via Pinterest.

All the materials were bought on Ebay apart from the papers which came from my stash.

I bought transparent glass cabochons 20mm x 20mm squares,

glue on silver bales,

ball chain

and ball chain connectors.

We chose some scrapbook papers. I chose quite organic designs (leaves and flowers) whilst Lara chose animals (Cats, Dogs and Elephants), The glass squares were glued onto the front of the paper with Diamond Glaze.

 When the glue had dries we cut out the squares.

We then coated the back of the squares with more Diamond Glaze to seal them.

When the squares were once again dry, we glued the bales onto the back of the squares.

All that was left then was to thread the ball chain through the bales.

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Lauren W said...


These are amazing. Can you make one for me for Christmas?

I'm totally inspired by your craft week, so many original ideas and amazing results !!