Saturday, 22 September 2007

Steven makes the grade!

Today was Steven's karate grading. He is now a 4th kyu and the proud wearer of a purple and white belt. I was so proud of him. He really takes the gradings in his stride and doesn't appear to be at all nervous. I would be if I had to stand up in front of 50-60 people and perform. Here's a couple of photos - they're not great because I was quite a way away from the action and we weren't allowed to use flash photography. Here he is doing his stuff,

and here he is collecting his freshly stamped license from the examiner.

Last night was challenge night on mojoholder. We lifted a page by Kimmy Sonksen. This was Kimmy's LO

and this was my version.

Please pop along to Mojo Holder and look at all the teams LOs.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Mojo Challenge #29 went live on Friday. We got to scraplift a LO by Kimber McGray . Yet again I wasn't particularly happy with my LO (I think my mojo is playing hide 'n' seek - Huh, but I'm a MojoHolder !!??!!). Anyway, this was Kimbers LO,

and this was my version. The photo is of Steven and was taken at Weymouth last month.

I've just finished my LO for this weeks challenge (#30) and am pleased to report that I'm much happier with the result this week. We got to lift a great page from a scrapper from the UK this time so please pop along to Mojo Holder this Friday to see all the design teams LOs, and don't forget to have a look at last Friday's LOs too.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

My little girls gone to school!

Lara started school today. She seems so little in her uniform and I wonder where the last four years or so have gone. She didn't seem at all worried about going and happily went off to sit on the carpet for registration after giving me a quick kiss and a hug. There were twelve little ones started today, then another six at the beginning of next week and another six a few days later. 24 in total - a nice number - not to many. When I collected her she wasn't bursting with enthusiasm to tell me what she'd been up to but I did manage to find out that she's played in the sand (and had been allowed to take her shoes and socks off to do so), done some painting, played with the dough, ridden on the trikes and been read a story about someone who had lots of vegetables! I asked her if she was looking forward to going again tomorrow and she said she was so everything seems good.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Last night was new challenge night on Mojoholder . We lifted a LO by Jamie Harper - a CK Hall of Fame winner. I really struggled with my LO this week (even though the LO we were lifting was stunning) and nearly didn't submit it 'cos I really wasn't happy with it. But I did, and here it is. The photos were taken at Portland Bill during our recent holiday to Dorset. Wayne, Steven and Lara climbed the 153 steps to the top of the lighthouse! Chris and I decided instead to stay at ground level and take in the view ........... and of course take lots of photos!

This was Jamie's gorgeous original LO.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

It's a new challenge day on Mojoholder tomorrow and I realised I never uploaded last weeks LO. We scraplifted a beautiful LO by Cheryl Mezzetti . This was my version.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

20 Years ago today

20 years ago today Wayne and I were married. I know it's a cliché but it really does only seem like yesterday - well perhaps not yesterday, more like a couple of years ago - certainly not 20years ago!
I can remember the day so well. How the youngest pageboy, Mark, who admittedly was only about 18mths old, threw a tantrum on the morning of the wedding and refused to wear his outfit and ended up going to Church in the black velvet suit trousers and a T-shirt. How the photographer turned up half an hour early and I wasn't dressed. How the sun streamed in through the church windows when we were saying our vows and the sweat was pouring off Wayne's forehead. How it poured with rain when we were having the group photos taken and everyone had to make a mad dash back into the church to shelter until it stopped. How my childhood best fried Mar was there all the was from Oz. How my Nan despite not being in the best of health did all the flowers in the Church and at the reception and even grew some flowers from seed especially for the day. How we had our first dance at the reception to Hughie Lewis & the News' 'Happy to be Stuck with you'! LOL. How we got to the hotel on our wedding night trying desperately not to look like newly weds and as I lent over to sign the book a shower of confetti fell from my head onto the open pages! It was definitely the best day of my life but over all too quickly.
So Wayne, thank you for the last 20years. The next 20 are going to be just as good - if not better. I love you with all my heart and always will. x x x x

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back to School

Today was the boys first day back at school and the first day at their new schools. We have a three tier school system here - lower, middle and upper schools and in our rural area they are all located in different nearby towns or villages. So today Christopher started at the Upper School in one village and Steven at the Middle School in a neighbouring town. They were both obviously slightly nervous but I was really pleased when they got home to find that they had both had a good day - in fact Steven was positively euphoric! I hope they are both as happy this time next week!

Next week it will be Lara's turn. She starts in the reception class at the Lower School next week and is so looking forward to it - she keeps asking me "how many sleeps is it 'til I go to school". Whilst I know she's ready to start school and know she's going to make lots of new friends and discovering lots of new things. I know I'm going to miss her like crazy. It's going to be hard to get used to not having a child at home during the day after always having a child here for the last 13yrs. However, If one more person asks me what I'll do when all the children are at school, I'm gonna' thump them! What do they think I'm going to do? The same as I do now only quicker and bit easier! Just because I work from home people forget I do actually have a job too (albeit part-time) and think that when the children are at school I'll be sitting around all day twiddling my thumbs!!! I ask you?