Saturday, 22 September 2007

Steven makes the grade!

Today was Steven's karate grading. He is now a 4th kyu and the proud wearer of a purple and white belt. I was so proud of him. He really takes the gradings in his stride and doesn't appear to be at all nervous. I would be if I had to stand up in front of 50-60 people and perform. Here's a couple of photos - they're not great because I was quite a way away from the action and we weren't allowed to use flash photography. Here he is doing his stuff,

and here he is collecting his freshly stamped license from the examiner.

Last night was challenge night on mojoholder. We lifted a page by Kimmy Sonksen. This was Kimmy's LO

and this was my version.

Please pop along to Mojo Holder and look at all the teams LOs.

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