Thursday, 13 September 2007

My little girls gone to school!

Lara started school today. She seems so little in her uniform and I wonder where the last four years or so have gone. She didn't seem at all worried about going and happily went off to sit on the carpet for registration after giving me a quick kiss and a hug. There were twelve little ones started today, then another six at the beginning of next week and another six a few days later. 24 in total - a nice number - not to many. When I collected her she wasn't bursting with enthusiasm to tell me what she'd been up to but I did manage to find out that she's played in the sand (and had been allowed to take her shoes and socks off to do so), done some painting, played with the dough, ridden on the trikes and been read a story about someone who had lots of vegetables! I asked her if she was looking forward to going again tomorrow and she said she was so everything seems good.

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Maria said...

so glad Lara enjoyed school Karen and how were you???? been thinking of you:)