Friday, 19 February 2010

She's so crafty!

Whilst tidying up today I came across all the little things Lara has made this week. Most of them were made from craft kits which she received for Christmas or her birthday and which she rediscovered this week. It makes me happy that she enjoys playing with paper and beads and other craft materials but it also makes me feel guilty that I don't spend more time with her helping her explore her creative side. Not that she probably needs much help. Apart from the beaded necklace she made all the other things this week on her own.

1. Beaded necklace. 2, Fuzzi Dog made with Klutz Fuzzimal Puppies kit. 3. Paper Bead Bracelets made with Klutz Paper Beads kit. 4. Cross Stitch. 5. Fish made from Bendaroos. 6. Painted Dog from Paint Your Own Dog kit.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Cupcakes and Kittens

Nothing very crafty to show unless you count these valentine cupcakes that Lara and I made. Last year we made and iced heart shaped cookies, so this year we made cupcakes instead.

On Friday we went to visit these ............

......... and hopefully in a few more weeks this little chap will be coming to live with us.

We were not intending getting another cat so soon after we lost Henry but a friend is fostering these kittens (and the parents) for Feline Rescue and once the idea of having one of the kittens was put in my head - that was it! We are all really excited and can't wait to welcome our new ball of fluff into our family.