Saturday, 19 January 2008

Mojo Holder Challenge #47 went live last night. We scraplifted a page by the talented Lynz from UKS. I loved Lynz' page but think my scrapping has become rather stale and so wasn't 100% happy with my LO and certainly didn't do Lynz LO justice. I love some of the LOs I see online and in magazines that use recent trends like using mainly card stock and doodling but it doesn't work for me. I'm a 100% patterned paper girl and very rarely use much cardstock apart from matting (says she whose mojo LO last week was all cardstock!) which I guess is quite old hat. Anyway, here are the two LOs.

I also had a go at the weekly challenge on UKS which was 'Wizard of Oz' themed - Use a Wizard of Oz theme, use at least 2 of the the colours red, green or yellow, use red bling for the shiny Ruby Slippers and use metal for the Tin Man. Here's my LO of the village Scarecrow Festival held in the summer.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bug Free !!!!!

Yippee, at long last we seem to be germ free (touch wood!). The children are all back at school and have been all week, and Wayne and I are feeling much better too.

It's been a busy week with the children going to their various clubs in the evenings. Lara started Rainbows last night. She thoroughly enjoyed it and is already asking 'how many sleeps until I go again?' That means Wednesday nights are now really busy with karate, scouts and now rainbows although Steven is actually talking about giving up karate. It's a shame - he's been training for four years and now has his purple and white belt, but if he's not enjoying it then I'm not going to make him go. He seems in a real quandary though and reluctant to make the decision. Bless him.

One of my New Years resolutions was to declutter (again!!!) and hopefully make a bit of money in the process. I've started by sorting out my craft cupboard. There is so much in there that I will never, ever, ever use so I've been listing it on eBay. Last night a box of bits and pieces sold for the princely sum of £16! Not bad for a box of stuff that's just been sitting there for a couple of years. I've got some more auctions ending next week and already three of them have bids on them. I'm beginning to see pound signs in front of my eyes. LOL

Last weeks Mojo challenge was to lift a LO by Lee Woodside a very talented Aussie scrapper. I used photos from our annual trip to Norfolk last October. Here are the LOs (Lee's first, mine after)

Don't forget if you join in with the Mojo challenges and submit your LO you could have the chance of winning one of the prizes up for grabs. Go on have a go! Tomorrow we lift a LO from a member of UKScrappers.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

When will these bugs go away?????

Christmas came - and Christmas went - and we were all at sometime or other over the festive season ill. Lara was ill a couple of days after she broke up from school but recovered pretty quickly despite still having an awful cough. The boys were both ill on Christmas Day with this horrible sicky flu bug that's going around, and have been up and down ever since. I have had the mother of all colds which I've still not shaken off and am fed up of being permanently snuffly, and then Wayne came down with a cold too. WHEN WILL THESE BUGS GO AWAY?

Beacuse I was ill I had to miss the Mojo challenge on 28th December but I did managed to get last weeks completed. We lifted a LO by *shanah* from 2peas. Here are the LOs (mine is obviously the second one)

Another challenge goes live on Mojo tomorrow so do check it out. We are lifting a LO by an Aussie scrapper this week.