Thursday, 10 January 2008

When will these bugs go away?????

Christmas came - and Christmas went - and we were all at sometime or other over the festive season ill. Lara was ill a couple of days after she broke up from school but recovered pretty quickly despite still having an awful cough. The boys were both ill on Christmas Day with this horrible sicky flu bug that's going around, and have been up and down ever since. I have had the mother of all colds which I've still not shaken off and am fed up of being permanently snuffly, and then Wayne came down with a cold too. WHEN WILL THESE BUGS GO AWAY?

Beacuse I was ill I had to miss the Mojo challenge on 28th December but I did managed to get last weeks completed. We lifted a LO by *shanah* from 2peas. Here are the LOs (mine is obviously the second one)

Another challenge goes live on Mojo tomorrow so do check it out. We are lifting a LO by an Aussie scrapper this week.

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