Sunday, 23 December 2007

Two more sleeps

I can't believe there are only 2 sleeps until Christmas Day. I think everything is ready. Cards written and sent, presents bought and wrapped, holiday food all bought and reindeer food all ready for scattering on the lawn. Going to hopefully make mince pies tomorrow with the children (as has become the tradition on Christmas Eve), track Santa on NORAD and of course leave the customary mince pie and drink (sometimes milk, sometimes beer and sometimes wine) for the big man.

Only thing spoiling the season is that we have poorly people in the house again. Wayne & I stayed up Friday night to watch The Thomas Crown Affair on TV which didn't finish until 1.20am. Half an hour before it finished Lara woke up and started being sick and did so until 4am. Needless to say none of us slept. Steven has a sore throat and is definitely not 100% but is soldiering on and Christopher woke up this morning with a sore throat and feels sick. I've got another sore throat too! We were supposed to be going out to look at the lights in a nearby town tonight and then to KFC for tea but that has had to be cancelled. Really hope everyone is better by Tuesday.

Friday was Mojo Challenge night. We got to lift the mega talented Keisha Campbell a Garden Girl for Two Peas as well as a DT member for Making Memories. We decided to give our LOs a Christmas twist. Here's Keisha's LO and here's mine - Lara as usual. (New Year Resolution : Scrap more photos of the boys)

Oh nearly forgot to say, Lara's party was a huge success and here's a few of photos from the big day.

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jakey said...

Hope you're all feeling a bit better now.. this bug's miserable, I know.

LOVE Lara's birthday pictures Karen, and can't wait to see them scrapped. She's very photogenic and such a pretty little thing in her disney outfit :-)

jk x