Friday, 14 December 2007

So very busy

Sorry, I've been so very busy recently that I've not had chance to update my blog since the beginning of the month. It's Lara's birthday on Sunday and what with organising her party and getting ready for Christmas I just don't know which way I'm turning.

This afternoon I've been baking the birthday cake. I have never baked a birthday cake for the children before preferring instead to buy one. Anyway, I had a mad-brain idea a few weeks to make the cake this year and bought off of Ebay one of those pre-formed cake tins in the shape of a dog.

So I set about making the cake this afternoon. Firstly I should say that the cake tin called for 1kg of cake mixture! 1kg!?! My little electric mixer really worked hard, so much so that it overheated. Anyway, cake mixture got mixed, eventually, cake mixture was put in cake tin and tin was put in the oven. Well after the stated 25 mins it still wasn't cooked. After 30 mins it still wasn't cooked. After 35 mins it appeared cooked only to be put back into the over for another ten minutes when I discovered the middle wasn't cooked! Finally it was cooked right through but when I went to get it out of the tin it had stuck in several places and has had to be pieced together. I'm sure when I've covered it in butter cream tomorrow it will look fab. Although what it will taste like I don't know! Christopher walked into house, sniffed the air and said " Ewww what's that smell? Smells like burnt toast!" Aghhhhhhhhhh, having convinced myself it would be OK I'm now having doubts, but can't face making another one so it will have to do. I'm sure the teeny tiny party guest won't complain. But the words 'Never again' spring to mind.

Despite being so busy I have managed to keep on top of my Mojo Holder LOs and did one last night which goes on the web site tomorrow. Last week we scraplifted Julia (hippo2go). Here's Julias and my LO. I loved Julia's LO. I'm not sure if the patterned background is fabric but if I had had suitable fabric I would have tried to incorporate a fabric background in my LO, but I didn't, so I couldn't. My LO was of the gorgeous trees and grounds at Wrest Park. I have so many photos from our afternoons spent there.

My LO on Mojo Holder tonight is called 'My Nosey Pumpkin'. That's all I'm saying so you'll have to pop over to Mojo Holder later to have a look.

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kellyg said...

lol lol cake baking sounds like when i tried to make a cake...never again either for me lol lol