Wednesday, 5 September 2007

20 Years ago today

20 years ago today Wayne and I were married. I know it's a cliché but it really does only seem like yesterday - well perhaps not yesterday, more like a couple of years ago - certainly not 20years ago!
I can remember the day so well. How the youngest pageboy, Mark, who admittedly was only about 18mths old, threw a tantrum on the morning of the wedding and refused to wear his outfit and ended up going to Church in the black velvet suit trousers and a T-shirt. How the photographer turned up half an hour early and I wasn't dressed. How the sun streamed in through the church windows when we were saying our vows and the sweat was pouring off Wayne's forehead. How it poured with rain when we were having the group photos taken and everyone had to make a mad dash back into the church to shelter until it stopped. How my childhood best fried Mar was there all the was from Oz. How my Nan despite not being in the best of health did all the flowers in the Church and at the reception and even grew some flowers from seed especially for the day. How we had our first dance at the reception to Hughie Lewis & the News' 'Happy to be Stuck with you'! LOL. How we got to the hotel on our wedding night trying desperately not to look like newly weds and as I lent over to sign the book a shower of confetti fell from my head onto the open pages! It was definitely the best day of my life but over all too quickly.
So Wayne, thank you for the last 20years. The next 20 are going to be just as good - if not better. I love you with all my heart and always will. x x x x

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