Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 3

Wednesday's craft came from Crafty Kids 101 blog (found on Pinterest) Lara made tubular bracelets from clear acrylic tube and beads.

I bought clear acrylic tubing in two different diameters (8mm and 5mm) from Ebay and we raided Lara's bead box for some beads that would fit inside the 8mm tube. 1m of each diameter of tubing on Ebay cost approx £1.99 pm and made 4 bracelets.

Beads were fed into the 8mm tube and then the ends were joined by pushing a 1" piece of the 5mm tube into each end. We could have filled the tube with beads or hundreds and thousands or glitter or anything small enough to fit inside.


Alison said...

How fab - just wondering how to finish it off? LOVE your kids' craft posts! x

Linda said...

Great effect!