Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 1

Regular readers of my blog will know that each summer I try and come up with craft projects to keep Lara occupied. Because of our holidays we weren't able to start the projects until this week, But, better late than never!

On Monday we used a £1.49 'Create Your Own Bunting' kit from The Works. The Works is a place where I have bought craft kits and supplies in past years and this year I was able to pick up a couple more kits. 

Lara glued the bunting shapes to some of my older scrapbooking papers and then cut them out.

When the 25 shapes were all cut out she decorated them with letters and shapes cut from scraps of card stock on the Craft Robo and then strung them all together to hang in her room.

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Linda said...

Thats lovely, well done Lara.