Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 4

On Thursday we used a tutorial on (found via Pinterest) for a zip-itself purse. Lara has a pencil case and a bag which zip-into themselves so we were keen to try and make one our self. The tutorial is not for the faint hearted! Boy did we stress over making this and will NOT be making another!

We used a 20" zip and a 20" piece of animal print patterned ribbon.

All was going well until the last step where we had to finish it off. The purse should have been a tetrahedron but we decided to make it rectangular instead. Lara's please with the finished purse and it works. It can be unzipped to form one long strip or zipped up to make a cute purse. We decided not to line the purse.

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Linda said...

Sounds complicated. Finished purse looks great though x