Saturday, 14 September 2013

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 10

I'm a couple of weeks late posting the last few Summer Holiday Craft projects but better late than never.

Our Day 10 project came from Punkin Patterns blog (via Pinterest). On Punkin Patterns Vanessa Lynch made a cute purse from a couple of sweetie packets. Lara loves Rowntrees Randoms so we used Randoms packets.

The first job was to buy a couple of packets if Randoms and eat the contents. Easy! 

Next we turned the empty sweet packets over and Carefully remove the backs with a pair of scissors leaving the top piece fully intact.

We then Cut two pieces of Vilene Lamifix (iron-on transparent film) slightly larger than the sweet packets and very carefully following the instruction for using the Vilene ironed this onto the front of the sweet packets.

We then trimmed the surplus Vilene from the edges of the sweet packets.

Next we cut two pieces of fabric the same size as the sweet packets.

The edge of a zip was then sandwiched between the edges of the sweet wrappers and the fabric and stitched.

After this we folded the purse so the the lining was touching and the wrappers were touching and sewed all round the edges leaving a fairly large section unstitched on the lining for turning. The purse was then turned and the opening in the lining stitched up by hand.

And voila! The finished purse.

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