Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Second Day of the Second Week of the School Summer Holidays - Paint Chip Notebooks

Today's idea for cute mini notebooks made from Paint Chips came from an old tutorial on Whimsy Love's Blog.

The materials were ........ Cheap as Chips (excuse the pun). We used some of the paint chips left over from last weeks butterfly garland.

Some scraps of plain paper which we cut into small pieces. Ours were 8cm x 5.5cm and were super quick to cut using the paper trimmer.

Using Wimsey Love's tutorial we folded the paint chips like a matchbook and then stapled a bundle of the paper pieces inside.

We then used a variety of old scrapbooking supplies to decorate the covers.

Lara really enjoyed this activity (I think because it was easy) and she created 16 (yes, 16!!!) tiny notebooks to fill with notes and drawings.


Anita said...

These are really dinky Karen....love em! xxx

Lynn said...

These are cute and useful too.