Monday, 1 August 2011

First Day of the Second Week of the School Summer Holidays - Button Bracelets

Today's craft idea came from a bracelet I saw on I saw it and thought ' we could do that'.

So, I bought a couple of charm bracelet blanks........

........... and on the advice if my friend Anita ( an amazing scrapbooker, card maker and fabulous jewelery maker) I bought an assortment of different sized silver jump rings.

Lara went through my button box and choose an assortment of buttons in three different colours. She choose lime green, aqua and tangerine.

Then we fixed the buttons onto the bracelet using the rump rings to connect them. We used round nosed pliers to ease the jump rings apart and this was quite tricky for Lara's little fingers. Whilst she managed quite well with most of them, she did need help with the bigger buttons.

Here is the finished bracelet. It is really pretty and after removing a couple of the links to make it a tiny bit smaller it fits Lara perfectly.

She then went on to make another bracelet in girly pink, purple and white.

Here's the two bracelets

This was a relatively cheap project - 2 x bracelet blanks from Ebay @ £1.85 each (free p&P) and 700 assorted jump rings from Ebay @ £3.99 (inc p&p). The buttons came from my scrapbooking stash.


Sue said...

They are Lovely

JaneH said...

These are so clever and look like it could be easy-ish! Great idea as I'm looking for ideas to entertain my 10-year old grand-daughter, so thanks.

Lynn said...

Great idea,what apretty effect. Your stash is disappearing before your eyes Karen - but all in a very good cause!

Karen said...

Oh Lynn if only my stash were disappearing. I have SO much - good to use some of it though so I can justify buying more . LOL

Anita said...

WOWOWOWOW! Karen and Lara, these ARE gorgeous! Really lush, I love the colours you have put together and the mix of sizes....beautiful! I am definately going to have to have a go at making one of these.....fantastic!.xxx