Monday, 25 July 2011

First Day of the First Week of the School Summer Holidays - Butterfly Garlands

Today is the first proper day of the school summer holidays (if you don't count the weekend) and for the last month or so leading up to the holidays I have secretly been scouring the internet for crafty projects to keep Lara busy when she has a 'Mum..... I'm bored moment' and I've been buying little bits and pieces to complete those projects.

I wasn't expecting to have to produce one such project so early in the holidays but when at lunch time Lara said 'Mum .... I want to make something. What can I make?', I felt the time was right

So for today's project was to make a garland using paint chips free from the DIY store. The idea came from the Grace and Light website.

I had already collected lots of paint chips in a rainbow of colours.

Using my Tonic Studio Butterfly Punch, Lara punched lots and lots of butterflies from the different coloured paint chips. We found that by lining the punch up with the end of the paint chip we could punch out butterflies with white bodies and coloured wings.

She was then left with lots of these ............

........... but more importantly lots of these ...........

The good thing about the Tonic Studio Punch is that the punched butterflies have lots of detail including holes on each wing which are perfect for threading onto thread. Lara used gold thread to make her garlands.

We've hung them across the patio doors. Impossible to photograph but I'm sure you get the idea.


Lynn said...

Beautiful! What a lovely Mummy you are. Great idea. Hope you have plenty more up your sleeve to keep you going. Wll watch out for more on your blog.

Anita said...

WOW! Karen and Lara, what a beautiful garland! Karen, you really are a SuperMum and soooo organised. Lara, you are very clever Sweetie, I just love the concentration on your face. I cannot wait to see what other delights you come up with, thank you for sharing.
Chloe wants to make one of these
at some point through the hols, we have nearly enough t - shirts lol.

Karen said...

Thank you for the lovely comments.

Anita, I saw that rug on IACW when I was trawling the internet. Think we may have to start collecting T-shirts too! You must show us Chloe's rug if she gets to make one.

Linda said...

What a fabulous idea!
Look forward to seeing the next project :)