Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 7

Todays craft idea came from a Pinterest pin which I pinned nearly a year ago. It was an idea from the Darling Petunia blog which was a link from the Dollar Store Crafts website.

Our project was to make a toy from a microfibre cleaning mitt - the type of thing you perhaps use to clean your car. I hunted everywhere for the right type (it had to have a thumb) and then eventually I found some in Poundland. When planning summer holiday craft projects it's important that they don't cost a lot and so to find the mitt for £1 was great. I bought two!

A tuorial for this project can be found on the Darling Petunia Blog, but here's mine.

First Cut off the cuff and the thumb. Leave a little fabric at the base of the thumb.

Add some beady little eyes.

Turn inside out and sew the cuff portion into a point but leave the thumb open.

Turn the right way out.


Sew up the opening where the thumb was.

Add a pom pom nose and your hedgehog is complete. Lara called him 'Spike'.

We also made up the orange mitt and called him 'Prickle'


Lynn said...

Love these, so cute.

Linda said...

These are too cute!