Friday, 24 August 2012

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 11

For today's craft we used some more of the the Merino Wool Rovings that I had bought to make the turtles last month. This time instead of making a 3D toy from the wool we made a picture. The idea was found on Pinterest and came from the Rosie Pink blog.

We started with a sushi mat and onto it we laid some pieces of white wool.

Then, we laid some blue and green wool to give the impression of sky and grass, and on top of this we laid a piece of tulle netting.

Then the fun started! We sprinkled the wool with some warm soapy water and started to gentle pat the wool down until it was quiet flat.

Then we lifted the net and added a wool sun and some flowers. The net was then put back in place and the patting began again. After patting we began rubbing the whole picture with liquid soap. It was very soapy!

One the wool had all matted together we removed the net and rolled the picture up in the sushi mat and rolled it. 

After rolling,the picture was removed and gently rinsed under the tap to remove as much of the soap as possible. The picture was then squeezed dry in a towel and left to dry in the airing cupboard.

 Once dry, Lara stitched some beads onto the picture to add some sparkle.

The finished picture.

The flowers are a little large ( more like trees than flowers LOL) but for a first attempt it's not bad and was fun to make.


Dawn Ruth said...

I have tried felting too its great I made two pictures you should look at my blog

Lynn said...

Great fun with a lovely end result. Lara has a lovely collection of hand made goodies now.
Lynn x