Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 6

For today's craft we used a Dream Catcher Kit we bought from The Works for the princely sum of 99p. We actually bought two kits but this afternoon we made up the red kit.

Everything we needed to make a dream catcher (including instructions) were in the kit. The only extra thing we used was a little PVA glue to stick the feathers inside the beads.

Lara started by wrapping some suede cord round the metal hoop.

When the hoop was covered she then tied a long piece of thread to the hoop and began to wrap and twist and knot it onto the hoop. It sounds complicated but with a bit of concentration it was actually really easy to do.

The kit also included a selection of beads which were added to the knotted threads.

Once the thread had been knotted we tied it off in the middle and then tied more suede cord to the hoop and added beads and feathers onto the ends.

Dream catchers originate from the Ojibwe people and are meant to snare the bad dreams floating in the night air in their webbing and allow the good dreams to fall through the centre hole in the dream catcher and into your sleeping head. When the sun rises in the morning the bad dreams trapped in the web disappear. Hopefully this dream catcher will catch lots of good dreams.


Anita said...

Oh Lara, you are just soooo clever. This is beautiful and looks very complicated, so a huge well done to you Sweetheart. I am loving following what you are creating this summer....keep up the good work.
Anita xxx
p.s. I have a turquoise Dream Catcher in my bedroom that my Mum gave me several years ago....they do work! xx

Lynn said...

Great finished article, it looks difficult, but Lara made a good job of it.

Linda said...

Am really enjoying your projects, great work Lara x