Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Holiday Crafts - day 2

Today's summer holiday craft was a jewellery project. A few months ago I bought a Shambala Bracelet kit online and so today Lara had a go at making it.

She struggled at first to follow the instructions, but after checking a video on You Tube she quickly got the hang of it.

The finished bracelet.

She enjoyed making the bracelet so much and hasn't taken it off since finishing it so I've ordered another kit (all blue) so she can make one again some time .... and perhaps I might get to make one too.

( Linda has asked where I ordered the bracelet kits from - I ordered from Bijoux By Me. 2 kits currently cost £7 + p&p in their summer sale.)   


Linda said...

That's lovely Karen, where did you order from?


Anita said...

That is simply gorgeous Lara, you are just too clever! Have you seen how much some of these are in the shops!!!! I am so impressed!
After Jackie showed Ange at Debden how to make them, she bought some kits online too, but not sure where from.

Anita xxxx

Lynn said...

These look good fun to make Karen. x