Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer Holiday Crafts - day 1

Last summer Lara and I had a summer of craft. Most days during the school summer holidays we made, created and crafted all sorts of handmade goodies. Of course Lara remembered this and so has been asking me almost daily in the lead up to this years summer holiday to 'do more craft'.

So, not wanting to disappoint (and with the help of Pinterest) I have a few projects up my sleeve for the coming weeks.

Today's inspiration came from . I love the chicken army on the blog and thought Lara would too. So after scouring the Internet for instructions on how to make the chicken beanbags and with a few left over scraps of fabric, a bag of split peas, some wadding, buttons and some felt we set about creating our own chickens.

Lara decided that she should make 4 chickens to spell out her name. Cute!


Anita said...

Oh excellent! I loved following your crafting adventures last year with Lara, so pleased you are both doing it again Karen!
Lara, those little chooks are just so cute! can't wait to see what other wonderful creations you have to share on here xx

Linda said...

Fab idea, looking forward to more projects x

Lynn said...

Super Mum does it again, I have been looking forward to this Karen, really hoped you would do it again.
Those chickens are fab, so colourful and such fun too. Well done Lara.

Lynn x

Martha said...

I just come across your blog following links from my blogger statistics. thank you for mentioning my blog. glad to inspire someone :)
well done on your cheeky chicks. like the lettering idea!