Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blossom Babes Debden Weekend 2011 - Part III

Having shown you yesterday the gifts I made for my friends at Debden, I thought today I would show you some of the lovely gifts I received. I'm only going to show you the handmade or hand decorated gifts because the other gifts (sweeties, chocolates, soap and stash) although equally lovely have all been eaten or part used! Sorry but chocolate eggs and Haribos were just too yummy to resist. LOL.

This yummy cupcake in a box came from Gilly. Every day whilst I was away I intended eating the cupcake but the food provided at Debden is so filling that I could never find room for the cupcake. I soon remedied that when I got home though and shortly after taking this photo - the cupcake was no more. It was delicious.

Anita gave me these two cuties. A sweet little flip flop shaped decorated box and matching chocolate bar. The sweeties in the flip flop are also no longer with us! LOL

Sue gave me this beautiful heart which she had deco-patched and embelished. So very pretty and I'm sure took a long time to finish. If I had a craft room I would have it on display in that room but as I don't, I've hung it on the inside of the door of my scrap-cupboard so that every time I open the door I see it.

And finally Lynn gave me this teeny, tiny personalised storage box full to the brim with pretty, pink embelishments. A few of the embelishments found their way onto the layouts I created whilst away so thank you Lynn. (Oops just realised I've photographed the lid upside down)

Thank you too to everyone else who gave me a present. I really do have the most thoughtful crafty friends ever.


Anita said...

We certainly were all very lucky with super gifts that everyone gave weren't we....thank you

liz said...

Yes we certainly were, thank you to everyone. I feel awful because I totally forgot we exchanged presents and didn't bring anything. So I was even luckier than the rest. Sorry everyone. xx