Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects - Day 3

Todays lesson was all about a technique you can use to create a cool hand-tinted special effect for photos you'd like to add a soft, antique feel to. It was about Adjustment layers and Blending Modes. I had never head of these before doing the course.

As well as adding an antique effect to photos the projects also built on the previous days lessons and included adding a frame and where appropriate some soft glowy stars with a brush.

Here's some of my photos before and after. The photos probably weren't the best for this lesson but I liked the effect anyway.


deb said...

This looks a really interesting course - I wish I had had time to sign up for it. I love what you have managed to do with these photos.

Linda said...

wow they look great! I love the vintage effect. I have only managed day 1 so far!