Friday, 3 July 2009

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Sorry! I have neglected my blog lately. I can't believe three challenges have been posted on Mojo Holder since I last updated this blog.

On 19th June the team lifted a layout by Laura Price Fiore. Laura's layout was Christmas themed whilst mine used photos of Lara messing around with my old guitar. Here's Laura's layout, followed by mine.

On 26th June, Nancy van den Berg kindly let us use one of her layouts. My friend Lynn first showed me some of Nancy's layouts and ever since I have been a huge fan and have followed her blog for sometime. He layout was a gorgeous baby themed layout. Mine used photos once again of Lara, this time in the snow.

And finally, tonight the design team lifted a layout by Edleen Maryam. Edleen's layout was lovely but I really struggled to come up with a layout this week. I left it far too late in the week to create my layout but after going to the dentist on Monday and having to have a tooth out , I really didn't feel up to scrapping for a few days. Then the hot, hot, HOT weather we have had this week hasn't helped. With temperatures in the upper 20 degrees I think my Mojo became dehydrated, or maybe it decided to go somewhere cooler. Eventually I managed to put together a layout this morning. I'm not that pleased with it but perhaps it will grow on me.

Here's Edleen's layout, followed by mine.

I used some photos on my layout that we took at Westward Ho!, Devon last summer. We have got in the habit when we go out as a family of taking group photos with the cameras self timer. These photos were taken on the beach with the camera perched on an upturned bucket! The only problem with not looking through the viewfinder of the camera is that I can't always tell if everyone is, shall we say "behaving themselves", when the photo is taken! In these photo Christopher was pulling stupid faces and sticking his fingers in his ears, Steven was either sticking his tongue out or biting Lara's bum (!) and even Wayne joined in by lifting Lara upside down in one of the photos! Ho hum!
Don't forget to have a look at the Mojo Holder blog. As well as being able to see all the design teams layouts there are brilliant sketches on the site prepared by Sarah.

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Lynn said...


What a lovely collection of LO's you have made over the last few weeks for the Mojo Blog.

Sorry you ended up having the tooth out, but hope you feel better now. x