Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 2 (12/08/14)

Todays craft activity was found at via Pinterest. Lara made a Bird's Nest Bowl.

First she shredded several sheets of A4 red craft paper.

She then wrapped a large plastic bowl in clingfilm and put it upside down on the worktop. A glue mixture was prepared using 2 parts PVA glue to one part water.

The bottom of the bowl was then brushed with a little of the glue mixture ....

..... and a small clump of shredded paper was added in a random fashion. More glue was dabbed on top to get the paper to stick together. Gradually more and more paper and glue was added working over the majority of the surface of the bowl.

When Lara was satisfied that enough of the bowl had been covered it was placed in the bottom of the airing cupboard overnight to dry.

The next day, once the paper had completely dried, we carefully prised the paper away from the clingfilm and the plastic bowl and were left with a Bird's Nest Bowl.

We put some potpourri in it.

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