Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Holiday Crafts - Day 1 (11/08/14)

Today Lara and I started our Summer Holiday crafts. This is a tradition that we have maintained for a few years now. A craft activity each weekday during the school summer holiday (apart from when we are away).

Today we tried a couple of Hobbycraft Needle Felting Kits. I can't remember how much the kits cost but they weren't expensive.

Lara made the dog and I made the cat.

This was the first time we had tried needle felting and the results are by no means perfect. I think we should probably have been a bit more patient and spent more time stabbing the felt but despite this we're pleased with the results.


Alison said...

I love reading about what you get up to each day! Lara sure is growing up .... good on you for trying something new. x

Karen leonard said...

I just LOVE these !! wish my girls were still interested in crafty stuff :)