Friday, 2 September 2011

Fifth Day of the Sixth Week of the School Summer Holidays - Paper Bead Bracelet

Today we turned to Lara's Klutz Paper Beads book which one of her friends gave her one year for her birthday. She had made beads from it before and was, I think, a little disappointed that I hadn't anything 'new' for her to make today but I was short of time to supervise craft time today and thought it was something she could do without any adult help.

The Book came with precut strips of patterned paper, glue, elastic and a tool for winding the paper into beads.

Some of the beads drying.

Finished bracelet.

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Anita said...

Lara, you have such a lot of patience and it shows so well with this project. Your beads are beautiful and that bracelet is just so pretty. You are very clever Sweetie :).x