Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back to School

The school holidays are over and the children are all now back at school.

Lara went back yesterday and is at the same school but now in year 4 with a new teacher. We have a three tier school system here and so this will be her last year at this school. Next year she will be off to the Middle School which means her catching the school bus to a nearby town.

Steven started at the Upper School (Community College) in a nearby village today in year 9. He's quite pleased that after wearing a shirt and tie for the past 9 years of his schooling his new school uniform consists of polo shirts and sweatshirts. His uniform is black whereas previously it's always been red.

Christopher also returned to the upper sixth today. He and Steven are now at the same school. No photos of Christopher though - I did unsuccessfully suggest taking some!


Anita said...

Super photos Karen....goodness doesn't Lara look grown up. Lauren wasn't wanting me to get a shot of her this year either lol.xx

Lynn said...

Good tocatch up on where all three are at school Karen. Shame Christopher not happy to have a photo (so like Andrew rarely get a photo of him these days). Wishing them all a successful year. x

Linda said...

Awwww, so sweet!
Seems like forever ago that Lianne was at school.
Great photo's - look forward to the layout :)