Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Oh my word ........ 2 posts in less than a week!!! Well, I've got a few minutes spare this afternoon so thought I'd update the blog now rather than in a months time as is the norm. LOL Mind you, I don't actually have much to update. LOL.

A new challenge on Mojo Holder went live on Friday. We scrap lifted the fantastic Ronda Palazzari. Ronda's LO was fabulous but oh boy did I struggle to come up with a LO! I think the rest of the team struggled with this one too. The majority of us LOVED Ronda's LO when we saw it and really wanted to lift it but actually putting our own spin on it was way hard. Pop over to Mojo Holder to see the team's efforts and here (as always) is Rondas and mine.

Apart from my Mojo LO I've not managed any other scrapbooking but hey........ the weeks still young.


Ronda P. said...

I think you did a beautiful job! I love the fall colors and the capture of the changing of the seasons!

jakey said...

Karen... you did an amazing job - mine was dismal! Lol! :-D

Ronda's LO is fantastic, However I agree, it was hard to re-create.

But hey! we're a challenge blog.... if it was easy, where's the challenge?

jk xx