Monday, 31 March 2008

We had snow!!!!!

Yes, we finally had our first snow of the year - yippee - on Easter Sunday! It had been trying to snow for several days and eventually on Easter Sunday we woke up to a light covering. Not enough for a snowman but plenty for a snowball fight or two. I had begun to think that I had missed all photo opportunities during the last few months . We were all ill at sometime or other over Christmas so only got a handful of photos then. We had no snow during January or February (when if we going to get snow we usually would) so no photos then. And, I didn't have my camera with me when Steven got a certificate in his school end of term assembly or when Lara did her Chinese Dragon dance at her Easter assembly So this snow at Easter was a bonus. By the time we got around to our Easter Egg hunt the snow had all but gone and I guess we won't see anymore until next Winter.

Mojo #55 went live on 14th March. We lifted a LO by Jaimie Emmerton. Jamie's original LO was such a sweet Lo of her wee dog ..... Awwwww. My LO featured Steven in a thoughtful pose.

Unfortunately I didn't manage Mojo #56 which went live on Good Friday. The power supply unit of our PC decided to call it a day with a very spectacular spark and puff of smoke which left me with a half finished LO which I needed my Craft Robo to finish and even if I had finished it I had no scanner or photo software to upload it. It was a shame because the LO we were lifting was by a scrapper called Kelli Crowe whose work is gorgeous and the rest of the team came up with lovely LOs.

With the PC all mended, i was able to complete challenge #57 last Friday evening. It was a LO by Kelly Mccaleb. Here are the two LOs.

I know I keep saying it but please do pop along to Mojo Holder. We have some great scrap lift ideas coming up in the next month or so. You really wouldn't want to miss them.

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