Thursday, 11 September 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014

Over the last few months I've been taking part in the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. I have to admit I wondered if I would manage to take all 21 photos but yesterday I managed to snap the last one. 

Here's my photos

1. A kite, hot air balloon or blimp (Alternative A)
Husband and son taken on Ferryside Beach, Wales

2. A Garden Gnome
Welsh Rugby Union Gnome 

3. Birds on a Wire
Pigeons close to home

4. A Group of Tourists
Tourists  at the Millennium Coast Park at Llanelli, Wales

5. A Rack of Postcards
Postcards at Tenby, Wales

6. An Urban Street Scene
Hitchin, Hertfordshire

7. A Rural Landscape
Taken on one of our regular dog walks

8. A Tattoo on a Person
One of my husband's two tattoos.

9. A Bakery
Laugharne Bread Shop/Bakery at Tenby, Wales

10. A Photo Bomb
Holiday makers photo bombing a carefully set up photo of my daughter on the beach.

11. A Horn
Fog Horn from the Brixham Trawler 'Zeal' on display at Tenby Museum, Wales.

12. A Bird House (Alternative B)
A trio of bird houses at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales.

13. A Sunrise
Sunrise snapped by husband on way to work early one morning

14. A Parade
Arena Parade, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

15. A Juggler
My daughter juggling

16. A Sign in a Language other than English
Sign at the National Wetlands Centre in Llanelli, Wales - English and Welsh

17. A Lamp Post
Lamp Post at Tenby

18. A Water fall
Waterfall at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales

19. A public garden
National Botanic Gardens of Wales

20. A bus with a picture painted on the side
Tour bus near Laugharne Castle, Wales

21. A photograph of me with something representing the season
Me with my very battered and scratched sun glasses - they've had a lot of use this summer. I think i need some new ones!

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