Monday, 14 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Cake

Every weekend Lara brings a piece of homework home to complete before the following Wednesday, but this term in the lead up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics the format has changed. The whole school are learning instead about London and have been given a whole list of homework tasks from which each child can choose one to complete each week. For example one week Lara chose to make a model of something to do with London (she made a red double decker bus), the next week she did a PowerPoint presentation about Buckingham Palace and last week she created a London word search. This week she decided to 'bake a cake to celebrate the Jubilee'.

I wonder whether when the teachers set that task they were anticipating the number of children who would rise to the challenge and just how many cakes would be taken into school! Every week it seems that at least two children have taken in a cake - which the teacher has cut up and to the children's delight let them eat.

Inspired by the Rainbow Cake I made last month for Christopher's birthday, Lara decided to make a red, white and blue Jubilee Cake. Apart from putting the cake tins in and out of the oven and tipping the cake out of the tins she made it all herself with me just telling her what to do. She can even recite the recipe from memory now!

Here's the finished cake complete with flags printed from the internet........

......... and here's the portion that came home after the class had had their fill.

It certainly was a VERY BRIGHT cake and we may have to make another one in a few weeks time for the Jubilee Weekend!


Anita said...

WOW! Karen, this looks FANFLIPPINGTASTIC!!! love it xxxx

Linda said...

Well done Lara!

What a fabulous cake x

Lynn said...

That cake is great fun Karen, Well done Lara.

Lynn x

Alison said...

What a brilliant job! Is anything that blue safe to eat ... :lol: (just kidding) Good job Lara!