Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Puppy update

A friend asked me how Millie our Labrador puppy was doing so I thought I would post a few photos here.

The first couple of photos are of Lara with Millie and were taken a few days after Millie came to live with us. Lara absolutely loves Millie and to see them running and playing together in the garden is so sweet.

Christopher took the next few photos. Back in the summer my brother passed onto me a camera which he no longer used. It's an SLR and whilst I, much to Christopher's disgust, have only been using it on auto, he has been playing around with apertures and shutter speeds, etc. I must agree the photos are lovely and I really should be brave and take the camera off auto but that's so scary!

These last few photos were taken just last week in the back garden. Millie has learned that if she finds something tasty in the garden (ie, a leaf or twig) and takes it under the trampoline to munch on it is very difficult for us to get to her to take the tasty morsel off her. These photos were taken in that spot.

Tomorrow she is due to have her final injections and next week we are off to a puppy party! Oh happy days.


Linda said...

Awwwwwww soooo sweet!

She's just lovely :)

Great photos to scrap too!

Anita said...

OMGosh, what absolutely adorable photos Karen, she IS gorgeous! She looks just so lovely sat there with Lara. I know what you mean about shooting on auto too, I am stuck on that mode too LOL ( like to play it safe lol) xxxxx

Scattychick said...

Awwww she is gorgeous Karen and I bet she would love playing with my choc lab Molly :) I cannot wait to see the LO's you make with these photos :D